Updated 02.05.2016

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    A book on how to address biosecurity threats with an up-to-date biosecurity system. Click the icon below for additional information or to obtain a free PDF book copy:


International biosecurity course

International courses on how to establish a biosecurity system   


The Danish Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness (CBB) is offering international courses on how to establish and implement a national biosecurity system. Usually, this is conducted as a one-week course in Copenhagen, but the duration can be tailored to meet individual needs. The full programme takes a week.

This is an example of how it looks:

Framing the issue: Why Biosecurity?

  • Brief presentation of the rationale of Biosecurity

Setting up a biosecurity system - Danish Experiences with the legislative process

  •  Preparing the bill
  • Current Act and executive order (legislative instrument)
  • Costing of the Danish set-up
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Identifying the companies and institutions (both public and private) subject to regulation
  • Agency Building

Control list

  • Examples of national control lists, including the Danish list

Biosecurity administration - from a hands-on perspective. A general guide to licensing with small cases

  • Licenses – types and requirements
  • Vulnerability assessment and security plan
  • Employee security
  • Physical security at laboratories
  • What do biosecurity officers do?
  • Inventory management

Responsible science – technology control

  •  Protecting science & technology from misuse

Field visits 

  • How does biosecurity look at various companies in Denmark?

Examples could be:

•   Viral Vaccine Departments
•   Departments of Clinical Microbiology
•   Institutes for Veterinary Disease


  • Preparing a response capability for intentional or accidental release of biological agents

Mobile field diagnostics

  • Screening environmental or clinical (Point of Care) samples to limit dispersal or outbreak

Inspections & visits

  • How is this activity undertaken in Denmark and what could be relevant to consider in other contexts?
  • Awareness raising, outreach and courses

Measures to increase awareness, eg. website, biosecurity book, outreach activities

  • Courses for biosecurity officers and other courses

Group discussion Needs and visions for biosecurity prevention & response

  • Way forward







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